11 Ivory Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him - A Timeless Celebration

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  1. Elephant Salt & Pepper Shaker Set - These adorable ceramic salt and pepper shakers feature hugging elephants in a charming gray color. A cute and functional addition to your kitchen on your ivory wedding anniversary.
  2. Men's Shaving Set - This luxurious shaving set includes a five-blade razor, synthetic brush, dual stand, ivory shaving mug, shave soap, alum block, travel brush tube, and pre-shave oil. A complete set for a smooth and comfortable shave on your ivory wedding anniversary.
  3. Stoneware Dinnerware Set - This beautiful dinnerware set includes four place settings, each with a round embossed design and cream-colored reactive glaze. Perfect for celebrating your ivory wedding anniversary with a special meal.
  4. Gold Plated Cufflinks - These elegant cufflinks feature 18K gold plating and crystal accents, making them a sophisticated and stylish gift for your ivory wedding anniversary.
  5. Artificial Ivory Desk Rose - This 7-inch potted artificial ivory rose is a lasting symbol of your love on your 14th wedding anniversary. A beautiful decoration for his desk or any space.
  6. 14K Gold Rose Flower Earrings - These stunning handcrafted earrings are made of solid 14K yellow gold and feature a beautiful rose flower design. A perfect gift to celebrate your ivory wedding anniversary.
  7. Tournament Chess Game Set - This high-quality chess set includes a blue silicone chess board and Staunton ivory chess pieces. Perfect for chess enthusiasts to enjoy a challenging game on your ivory wedding anniversary.
  8. Healing Crystal Elephant Figurines - These adorable elephant figurines are made with healing crystal stones, including opal and green aventurine. They make a unique and meaningful gift for someone who appreciates the beauty and energy of gemstones.
  9. October Birthstone Dragon Egg Statue - This unique dragon egg statue features an opal gem and makes a perfect gift for fantasy collectors or anyone who appreciates mythical creatures.
  10. Textured Love Knot Pendant Necklace - This elegant pendant necklace crafted from 14kt yellow gold features a textured love knot design, making it a meaningful and stylish gift for your loved one.
  11. Opal Gemstone Necklace - This beautiful bar necklace is made with a genuine rough white opal gemstone and sterling silver. It's a stunning piece of jewelry that represents the October birthstone and makes a thoughtful gift.