21 Awesome End of Year Gift Ideas for Middle School Students

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  1. Organic Vitamin C Pops Variety Pack - A healthier alternative to traditional lollipops, these organic fruit-flavored pops are allergy-friendly and delicious.
  2. Funny Math Nerd Socks - A fun and quirky gift for math enthusiasts and teachers, these novelty socks are sure to bring a smile.
  3. Funny Cartoon Bookmarks - These cute and funny 3D cartoon animal bookmarks will make reading more enjoyable for middle school students.
  4. Happiness-Themed Journals - These colorful and inspirational journals are perfect for encouraging creativity and self-expression in middle school students.
  5. Fashionable Paint Markers - These oil-based paint markers are perfect for adding a creative touch to art projects and crafts.
  6. Rainbow Popcorn - A unique and tasty treat for middle school students to enjoy with friends and family.
  7. Play-Doh Modeling Compound Pack - A fun and creative gift for kids, this 42-pack of non-toxic Play-Doh is perfect for playtime and school projects.
  8. Rustic Twig Pencils - These unique and eco-friendly pencils are great for drawing, sketching, and making a statement in the classroom.
  9. Mini Cube Puzzle Party Toy - These mini puzzle cubes are a fun and engaging gift for children, perfect for developing problem-solving skills.
  10. Play-Doh Starter Set - This starter set is a great way to spark creativity and imaginative play in middle school students.
  11. Anti-Stress Doll Keychain - A fun and quirky way to relieve stress and add some personality to your keys or bag.
  12. Colorful Pencil Set - A fun and vibrant set of pencils with cartoon rubber erasers, perfect for school or art projects.
  13. Mini Candy Colors Notebook - These pocket-sized notebooks are perfect for jotting down notes, doodling, or keeping track of daily tasks.
  14. Kindness Rocks for Painting - Encourage creativity and spread positivity with these smooth rocks perfect for painting and decorating.
  15. Strawberry Pop Rocks - A classic candy that pops and fizzes in your mouth, bringing back nostalgic memories.
  16. DIY Mini Canvas Tote Bags - Perfect for arts and crafts, these mini tote bags can be personalized and used for gifting or carrying small items.
  17. Bulk Beach Ball Pack - A fun and budget-friendly gift for middle school students, perfect for pool parties or outdoor games.
  18. Rainbow Color Beach Balls - Perfect for pool parties or beach days, these vibrant beach balls will add a pop of color to any outdoor gathering.
  19. Colored Kitchen Sponge - A fun and practical gift for middle school students to help with chores in a colorful way.
  20. Flying Disc Set for Kids - A classic outdoor toy that provides hours of fun for kids, perfect for encouraging outdoor play and exercise.
  21. Satsuki Azalea Bonsai Tree - A unique and beautiful gift that brings nature into any space, perfect for nurturing a love for gardening.